Neon Threat

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20 reviews for Neon Threat

  1. J. Boyce

    I keep buying this shirt for work. Washes extremely well. Comfortable material that breathes. I think I own 5 of these now.

  2. Rose J. Hill (verified owner)

    Very happy with it. as a comparison to the coat it’s as warm or warmer but much left bulk more of a snowboard style vs the which was more bomber jacket both are great and with the money but for my purpose might in child deserts and mountains I have high Hope’s for this coat very happy over all I also wish they made more med tall


    I was unsure about these but pleasantly impressed with their fit and durability. They seem to be well made and launder well, since I am working in fire debris cleanup situations.

  4. Carlos Harrison

    Great fit, strong material and very comfortable

  5. Thaer Alimari

    I found them full with holes all of them some with huge holes others with with small holes . I do not recommend them at all, or you could use them to clean dust

  6. Nina Yang

    The boots are gorgeous, but the heels are too high for me and they’re a bit large. Very sad that I returned them.

  7. Toucan_Chris (verified owner)

    I love it!! I bought three different colors. I usually wear an M in shirts but for button ups/jackets, I’m an S.. my ches is about 40-42 so I got a small. I have a wide build and broad shoulders so no matter what I get that’s fittted, my arm movement is limited but it still fists great and good for formal or casual! Def recomendable

  8. VINNY

    I like the military details …. Like the buttons. And it’s not too tight or too large. Can’t say I am a fan of the long sleeves though but I can just roll it up.

  9. Kevin M. Smith (verified owner)

    The shirts themselves are really well made. They fit as I would expect a slim fit shirt to fit. The material quality is pretty good in this price range. The metal snap buttons have a heavier feel to them that are a bit sturdier than most shirts.

  10. The Dan (verified owner)

    This is now one of my favorite button down shirts. The fit is somewhat tight in the shoulders (asian XXL for a USA M/L), but really, who cares? This shirt can be worn for either business casual work or just casual with friends. Besides the look, the next greatest thing is the buttons. They are snap buttons! They stay buttoned and when it’s time to come off, they are easy/quick to unsnap!
    I soooo need more of these.

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